• The drawings and specifications will be reviewed by Orange Consulting LLC to ensure that they encompass the complete scope of work. Each major component of the project systems (site, drainage, sewer, water, paving, landscaping, architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, life safety, vertical transportation, ADA, Fair Housing and Section 504 UFAS) will beĀ  described by Orange Consulting LLC. Orange Consulting LLC. will provide additional insight and professional opinion on the level of compliance of the drawings and specifications with applicable building code regulations.
  • Orange Consulting, LLC will analyze the General Contractor’s budget, conducting a line-item review to highlight any significant discrepancies for a complete overall cost review. As a general check of the proposed cost, Orange Consulting LLC verifies the General Contractor’s budget with our in-house cost data as well as data provided by other industry sources to assure that all costs are appropriate and reasonable with respect to construction of the project.
  • Orange Consulting LLC will review any applicable permits, approvals, utility availability letters, and other regulatory documents. Continued follow-up and reporting on all permits and approvals issued after the start of construction will be provided by Orange Consulting LLC in our Construction Monitoring Reports.
  • A comprehensive review of the construction schedule will be conducted by Orange Consulting LLC. This review will examine the thoroughness of the schedule, its adequacy, and its reasonableness to assure on-time completion of the project.
  • The General Construction Contract between the General Contractor and the Owner will be reviewed by Orange Consulting LLC. This review will identify the type of contract used, the specific articles related to the scope of the work, the construction duration, the payment terms, retainable provisions, liquidated damages, stored materials, change orders, and substantial completion. Upon request, a review of all subcontracts can be conducted and Orange Consulting LLC will provide independent analysis of the contracted work, including it’s sufficiency to achieve project completion.
  • A complete report will be compiled by Orange Consulting LLC, which describes the construction, any departures from the reviewed construction documents and industry standards, as well as any deviations from the construction contract. Our report will include an executive summary which clearly identifies any noteworthy items.
  • Orange Consulting LLC will review the Tax Credit or Bond Application (if applicable) to verify conformance with the construction documents and that the required features and amenities are provided.