Orange Consulting LLC will review the available construction documents and perform a one-time visit to the property to determine its present physical condition for situations involving acquisitions, permanent financing or refinancing of an existing property.

Orange Consulting LLC Capital Needs Assessment services include A review of all construction documents and technical reports available for the property. This review is to verify that the original design was in substantial conformance with the industry standards and code-related requirements at the time of construction.

Orange Consulting LLC will perform the following while on site:

  • Verify and comment on items not in conformance with the submitted construction documents.
  • Assess the condition of existing building systems such as: site systems, foundations, structures, roof, finishes, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, vertical transportation (if applicable), and life safety.
  • Inspect the site for any conditions which do not comply with the ADA, Fair Housing Section 504 UFAS (if applicable), and current building codes.
  • Contact the local building department and/or fire department to identify any outstanding violations currently on file for the property.
  • Inspect and identify any materials, areas, or systems requiring repair due to age, current conditions, deferred maintenance, and marketability.
  • Determine the costs of repair to defective systems. Orange Consulting LLC will provide an estimate of these costs (if any).
  • If applicable, Orange Consulting LLC will provide recommendations for the additional testing of systems or noted conditions.
  • Take photographs of the site, documenting the conditions, assessments, and recommendations included in the report.
  • Develop and provide a comprehensive written report containing a description of the property and a summary of all opinions, findings, and conclusions.