About Us

Our staff has over 15 years experience working with lenders and their investors on construction due diligence and over 50 years experience in the construction industry. Our experience enables us to provide thorough construction analysis and monitoring to assure projects are completed successfully and on-time. We have represented many types of clients including, construction lenders, real estate investment trusts, developers, local and state housing agencies, individual investors, and we specialize in LIHTC syndicators, and equity providers. We have experience with a wide range of project types including land development, multi-family residential, retail, industrial, office, medical, hospitality, and mixed-use developments.


Dennis L. Jones
Mr. Jones is the Managing Member and Founder of Orange Consulting, LLC and has been providing
construction due diligence services for 14 years. His experience includes architecture, engineering,
construction, construction lending inspections and analysis, pre‐construction document reviews, capital
needs assessments, and peer reviews. Mr. Jones has a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of

Mr. Jones has the following certifications –
ASTM Property Condition Report Training
Certified Construction Inspector #7636, Association of Construction Inspectors
Certified Construction Consultant #7636, Association of Construction Inspectors


Gary L. Jones
Mr. Jones is the firm’s Senior Project Representative and has been involved in the construction industry
for the past 40 years. His construction experience includes general contractor, residential construction,
light commercial construction, mechanical/electrical/plumbing design and installation and construction
lending inspection and analysis.